Ok. Just because this is kind of making me angry about Sarah’s reaction in The Blind Banker when she was in front of the arrow about to kill her. I’m not doing this at anyone in particular, but due to several reactions I’ve seen lately AND in the past, I think it needs to be said. This has been a very, VERY slow boil and since I watched BANK tonight with my parents and my mother said some of the exact same shit, I kind of need to let off some steam.

Yes, she appeared to be struggling half-heartedly. Notice how she was tied. It was similar to John, but not quite; for instance, John was able to lean forward and was able to tip his chair over and thus fall to the floor. Sherlock, however, needed to start untying Sarah from behind at her torso. Observe:

She was unable to get any leverage in order to tip her chair over. Like John, her legs were tied to the chair, and her hands were tied in front of her and to her legs. I’m sure, if she was tied just like John, she could’ve knocked her chair over herself. However, with the torso tied, that was not a possibility. If anyone would like to attempt it, please let me know how it goes. I would try myself, as I’m only slightly taller and skinnier than Sarah, but I do not have much rope on hand, unfortunately. I could always get some and try it out if someone doesn’t believe me.

The Black Lotus did not think John was too much of a threat. He was knocked unconscious due to a head wound from when he answered the door. From that point on until he woke up in the tunnel, he was out of it. Did anyone else notice the lamp was still swinging when Sherlock entered the flat? Yeah, that was probably because of Sarah. She must have struggled in order to fend off the kidnappers because, uh, John was unconscious. That light swinging was not due to him. It was due to her. Knowing this, and the fact that they wanted to kill her anyways, must have led the gang to tie her torso so she could not in fact get the fuck away like she wanted to in the first place.

Also, please do not be all ‘Well, she’s just sitting there, crying!’. She’s a doctor who does local medical work. There’s not much excitement in that. And yet, she was brave enough to react as John did at the circus and beat the shit out of the guy about to kill Sherlock and still be able to laugh about it afterwards. I doubt she’s been in many life-or-death situations, so why shouldn’t she be crying? For as tough as I am, I know I would be freaking the fuck out. If anyone can be in that kind of situation and tied like that, for the very first time, and get out of it, please let me know. I would enjoy watching you try.

My blog is a Sarah Sawyer Appreciation Blog and this has been a post.

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