I think white ppl need to spend the majority of their time in the sun to actually develop a natural, good looking tan. white farmers, construction workers etc all have natural looking tans. I dont have time for that though. I have internetting to do

i used to have a really dark tan when i was younger!!!

but then laptops happened

i barely go outside now. it’s a problem.

I did legit tan fairly dark (for a white person I mean) when I was younger, meds make it really hard to do so without burning now so I have to use all kinds of lotions. My dad’s another natural tanner but he’s the only one I know. MYTH.

i feel like this is something we need the mythbusters on

tho i’d feel bad for subjecting those pale white dudes to the sun for an extended period of time even in the name of science

(i didn’t start regularly getting pink burns until these past couple of years. i hate getting older)

lmao i’ve been pasty white all my life & only ever turned lobster red in the sun. definitely not call a ‘tan’ so based on my experiences I feel safe calling it a myth. I do see some white ppl w a lovely orange color & I think they call that tan lol

my dad tans naturally tbh but my stepmom has to use lotion to help her tan LOL

i’m amazed when white people get that orange tint, it’s so. sad.

i’ve been burned like. less than a dozen times and it’s always been painless pinking on my shoulders. i try to wear more sunscreen but i forget :<

sometimes i feel so bad for white people and their fragile skin LOL

lmao then maybe it’s the people who read books about characters described as dark skinned and assume they’re just white with a tan???

do white people even tan?

i thought they burned or like. had to do that spray on shit

i think white people with tans are a myth

this reminds me of how i googled my younger brother who is in the nfl and there was a forum thread with people debating if he was black or white and i’m like ?????? dude is obviously black???? we all may be half-white but we’re totally poc

the same people that looked an egyptian art and thought they were white. also probably the same people who watch anime thinking it’s about white people

i mean you can’t give any of those fuckers a pass on that

but at least with the rock you HAVE HIS SKIN TONE???



in what fucking world is dwayne johnson ‘white passing’????

i have a friend who is a chef who does this. it’s so fucking gross.

i’m always so fucking confused when they go ‘canadians do this canadians do that’ and i’m sitting there thinking ‘how the fuck do they know they’re canadians??? do they have an accent or something?’ and then they look at me like i’m fucking weird because DUH how could i NOT know when they’re being racist???

it always gets me because my mom birthed two black boys so like???? how is any of that fucking ok??? white people i stg even when they have poc family they never fucking get it

Anonymous said:
'canadians' is also a pretty popular term among servers to use when talking about black people in public spaces (ex: canadians don't tip). in other words, don't trust anyone insulting canadians using negative black stereotypes.

yeah that’s how my parents brought it up - my mother used to be a server at applebees way back when and they would use that term for that very reason

it’s still super racist and like? if you have to use a ~codeword~ you probably shouldn’t be saying it at all????















so I spelled it out for everyone

and btw, the train is a metaphor

please feel free to scroll through this anytime you feel the need to go on a pedantic rant about how the science doesn’t make sense

I mean, yes, but I feel like this really erases the nuances of the intertwining of classism and racism and the problem with white saviors

this really erases the nuances of the intertwining of classism and racism and the problem with white saviors

this is true. my joke post did not explicity take into account the nuance of classism and racism or the problem with white saviors


while I can see where your’e coming from, I don’t think the message I posted is actually at odds with what you’re saying

#CapitalismIsBad because it forces class boundaries on us. capitalism cannot exist in a classless society and so it breeds classism. it encourages the rich to hate the poor

#CapitalismIsBad because it was founded on slavery. the atlantic slave trade is at the heart of capitalism’s beginnings and capitalism was built in america from the labor of african slaves

#CapitalismIsBad because it feeds itself on institutional racism. it cannot survive without classes, and it solidifies those classes by intertwining them with race. when the lower class and black people are linked together, it makes it that much harder for the person in both those categories to rise to a higher class as they have to fight two prejudices

#CapitalismIsBad because it is one of the many justifications white colonizers used to justify their actions. capitalism is our modern, and thus “superior” economic system, and colonizers wanted to bring this “gift” of modernization to the people of the countries they were invading to “save” them (sorry for the excessive scare quotes but I don’t want people to miss the sarcasm)

there are so many of injustices in our society, and I’m not saying that eliminating capitalism would fix them all, but I do think that all of these injustices are the reasons that capitalism must be destroyed