i’m glad my obituary is so funny to you, i bet you didn’t even bow your head for the hymn

oh is that proper funeral etiquette? sorry i was totally unaware

i flat out told my dad that i’m delegating the cat food from now on since it’ll be easier if just one person feeds both the cats

Anonymous said:
Might Arwen prefer the other cat's food? If you gave them both the same food, might she eat more &/or might the other cat not eat her food? Or would the other cat totally eat it because the point is it's more, not that it's different?

i think her food was too big - the pellets were too large for her to chew or something. i’m just speculating but idk what else it could be. she’s eating more of piney’s food and i’ve been giving her wet food before letting piney eat it since he’ll eat it all in one go

piney just wants food. there was only one food he refused to eat to the point of getting kitty depression and that was a healthy brand food my parents wanted to get him on. arwen didn’t mind it too much, but my parents ended up changing back to the junk cat food because that’s what piney would eat

that cat would sit by the cabinets and cry thinking that would get him food. it’s terrible

wtf??!?! my fans have been capped!!!!!


reminder that interracial relationships can exist without white people



"First non-white Pokemon protagonist" yes the white children of the KANTO region in Japan, all of whom are white

Yes, because japan totally doesn’t have an obsession with valuing paleness over other skin tones to such an extent that a majority of anime is severely whitewashed, which has led to some intense body issues and casual racism in japan. Presentation of characters is just as important as the characters themselves.

clearly nintendo should’ve made all their characters have yellow skin tones in order to show that all the characters were asian instead of like, you know, normal asian skin tones sorry we should be thinking about the white people and their misconceptions of the asian race

my mother is mad because there were packages of books that came in yesterday before the huge storm and she’s mad at me for not bringing them in even though i didn’t know about them???? she’s like ‘what you didn’t go anywhere yesterday??’ and i’m like ‘it’s the weekend, i never go out on the weekend???’ i’ve been here for months and i rarely leave the house ever on the weekends this isn’t news to her??? if she was so worried about them she should’ve told me she was expecting a package or two

mom logic i stg